We're in the business of creating exceptional experiences for people.

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    We use insight and design as strategic tools to build connections between people, services and organizations.
    Our design studio discovers, designs and delivers creative solutions to create pivotal moments between your audience and your brand.
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    DesignMeets mixers are about bringing together Canadian designers from all walks of life. Check out our latest meet:

    DesignMeets… HealthCare2

    DesignMeets… HealthCare is back again to help those on the frontier of design and innovation connect and collaborate around the questions and issues of improvement to our health care system as a patient…

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    The world of healthcare is shifting.
    Understanding the patient, clinician, caregiver or stakeholder needs is critical to innovating and improving health services.
Aiming to provoke thought and generate discussion within the design community, our blog captures the ideas of Pivot designers and other industry leaders.

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Project: Redesign Eyeglasses

Mike Micallef appreciates design as a process of solving problems in what Director of Herman Miller Inc., his once coworker, Bill Dowell champions as “the arts of daily living”.

Mike has Huntington’s disease. Five years ago, he and his wife Vickie improved their 20-year-old Mississauga condo to test and refine ideas,…


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