The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer: 1in3

A Branded Online Digest Hosting Curated Content

RGD SoGood Award winner for 2014, is a blog created and curated by, a channel of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (the Partnership).
The blog was named after the alarming statistic that one in three Canadians will have cancer in their lifetime.

The site brings together a wide range of data and expert opinions and is modeled as a monthly digest, which focuses on a different cancer related topic each issue. After helping the Partnership visualize their strategic goals, they asked us to bring to fruition.

The Partnership positions their organization as a thought leader, so they wanted to create an online space that would pull together the latest information about a variety of topic and issues.

We created user profiles to understand the needs and scenarios of use of the key audiences including professionals in the healthcare industry and strategists and policy-makers at the government level. We realized that the general public was also important because they would use social media to share information from the site.

Creating User Profiles & Possible Scenarios of Use

Creating User Profiles & Possible Scenarios of Use

The website concept began as a single page off of After reviewing the results of our discovery and design research, it was clear that a larger microsite or blog would be needed to house the monthly content. Homepage Homepage

With the go-ahead from the Partnership, we began the project by giving the site a powerful name based on the alarming statistic that one in three Canadian will be affected by cancer in their lifetime. was the obvious choice.

As an information rich website, we made it easy for the content creators to categorize posts by topics via colour coding and associate the type of content by tagging posts. This would make it simple for viewers to find relevant content. With 1in3 linking back to and, we created consistency between the two sites by reusing icons and colour palettes that we had successfully created for the Partnership.

1in3 Logo

After working through iterations of the wordmark, we landed on a concept that spoke to the brevity of the statistic as well as the clean and professional look and feel that the website would maintain by presenting factual and curated information.

While policy makers and researchers were the primary audience, we ensured that all content was easily shareable to the general public via social media.

The site launched with Smoking Cessation as the inaugural topic.

We created an infographic that communicated the health benefits of quitting (smoking) before thirty. The information visualization was submitted to the design website, and within a week was chosen as a staff pick garnering the Partnership more likes and shares with 5,000 views in a matter of days.


Smoking Cessation Infographic, Staff Pick on

Smoking Cessation Infographic, Staff Pick on

The second topic of discussion was HPV. For this we launched a new visual series called Texting with Dr. Mike. To engage users, we modeled this infographic off of a typical texting conversation, albeit one with patient-care expert Dr. Mike. The result was a simple, but engaging image that maintained a hierarchy of information to inform and educate users.

Each month we work with the Partnership and the team at 1in3 to design information graphics through our Pivot Pathways offering. Check back at to see more.

Smoking Cessation Infographic

Smoking Cessation Infographic

CPAC-Smoking Cessation Infographic 1

Texting Doctor Mike

Texting Dr. Mike