Morneau Shepell

Re-establishing a National Organization with a Unified Brand

Established in 1966, Morneau Shepell provides human resources consulting and outsourcing services to more than 8,000 clients across North America.
The result of a merger between two firms, Morneau Shepell underwent a year-long process of stakeholder interviews, work sessions, naming and brand foundation work led by Pivot Design Group’s partner in the project, Instinct Brand Equity.

Pivot then took on the role of creating the visual identity and look-and-feel of the new brand in order to re-establish the firm as a national leader in human resources consulting and outsourcing.

“Pivot’s core competency centers around the firm’s philosophy around ‘informed’ design.”

“What stood out for me and for the client was how the landscape and various stakeholders were considered throughout the visual design process. The practice of “evolution vs. revolution” was also a strength of Pivot’s design approach, enabling the new Morneau Shepell visual brand to honor the heritage of the existing identity while becoming revitalized.”

“Pivot’s ability to design with the customer/user in mind at every stage of the design process is best-in-class. This is what truly makes Pivot a unique agency and a valuable design partner to work with.”

Managing Partner and Chief Brand Officer, Instinct Brand Coaches

When we arrived on the project, the firm looked like two distinct companies: Morneau Sobeco and Shepell fgi, despite having already merged two years prior. Our goal was to design a unifying brand identity to inspire and empower employees.

We worked closely with a group of leaders from Morneau Shepell who were tasked with “brand activation”, both internally (among employees), and externally (in the marketplace), to understand how the new Morneau Shepell business model would be organized and presented to the world.

In our search for Design Evidence™, we learned, through an analysis of interview transcripts, that Morneau Shepell was consistently viewed by their clients as friendly, open, and inclusive. Through a robust landscape review we analyzed similar organizations, looking at logo marks, voice via taglines, social media, website and more. We found the colours green and blue to be the best for the new brand because they would carry on the legacy of the two organizations. These colours also represent empathy and would allow Morneau Shepell a differential in the marketplace.

With this in mind, we worked with project stakeholders to discuss various identity concepts, incorporating feedback along the way.

We presented our final design to the core Brand Activation team, then to the CEO team and C-Suite executives in order to get buy-in from all levels of the organization. Our approach facilitated active collaboration in designing the new brand system for this Canadian organization.

Morneau Shepell Logo

Morneau Shepell’s new identity includes a series of circles that appear to be coming together at a single point.

Representative of an all-encompassing solution, the design symbolizes the unification of two exceptional companies and the holistic suite of offerings supported by the merger.

Morneau Shepell Collateral

The brand applications, including signage, document and PowerPoint templates, and brand guidelines continue to reinforce the positive, approachable perception of the company.

Morneau-Shepell Display 3D Rendering

Morneau Shepell Booth