Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin Inc.

A digital presence for a global engineering firm

Pivot was tasked with translating RWDI's recent brand refresh into a website showcasing their unparalleled leadership and expertise.

Global consulting engineering firm Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin Inc., or RWDI, has been around since 1972. With nearly 45 years of experience, the company is well established as a leader in their field. Having recently undergone an extensive rebrand, RWDI looked to Pivot to create a digital extension of their new brand with a website that communicates their leadership and expertise to potential clients and partners.

The site would embody RWDI’s new tagline: “redefining possible,” while also highlighting their talented team, showcasing their work and succinctly summarizing their areas of expertise and services. It proved a substantial challenge to find a way to organize this information in a way that would be easy to navigate and explore.

Once we had an understanding of who our users were, we developed personas to guide our decision making throughout the design process. We worked closely with content strategist and writer Doug Dolan to create an information architecture that would make it easy for potential clients to find what they were looking for — whether  a quick overview of a service, or a more detailed downloadable PDF outlining all of RWDI’s capabilities surrounding that particular service.


After a thorough review of RWDI’s new brand guidelines and an initial exploration of visual design elements, it was determined that the site would be largely image driven, allowing the impressive work to speak volumes of their expertise and range of services.


RWDI’s new website more accurately presents them as global experts and thought leaders in their field.  It is flexible enough to serve an array of different needs internally, with a content management system that RWDI staff can regularly update and contribute content to. It clearly showcases their high-achieving team, the sectors they serve, and their areas of expertise with a navigation system that intuitively makes sense for all users, to ensure no potential business opportunity is lost and the RWDI team can focus on “redefining possible” for their clients.

Responsive across devices.