Thomson Reuters

Improving Website & Mobile Applications for Investment Bankers

We learned how to best present large amounts of complex financial data based on specific user priorities...
Thomson Reuters is a leader in the financial industry.

Known for their ability to sort and deliver accurate financial news and data, they turn complex information into useful and easy-to-use apps for investment bankers. Thomson Reuters worked with us to research and build better user experiences across their robust range of investment-banking products.

“Pivot helped us ideate on a range of mobile, desktop and web-based products for Thomson Reuters, which delivered high-end design thinking with practical human-centered simplicity into the designs. Time and time again I was impressed with the empathic thinking and the abilities of Pivot to simplify and eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”

Head of UX, Investment Banking Thomson Reuters

To determine project goals, we conducted interviews with key stakeholders and users. Through this, we created user profiles to inform the user experience design of the project and products.

We learned how to best present large amounts of complex financial data based on specific user priorities and preferred workflows. By understanding the difference in context of use of a Junior Banker vs a Managing Director, we were better positioned to make more informed decisions on the design of the user interfaces for the new Thomson Reuters products. The user profiles helped us determine which platforms to design for.

TR Investment Banker Hierarchy

TR Investment Banker Hierarchy

In a competitive landscape review, we scoped out the existing marketplace to create a frame of reference for how the apps would be marketed and used in the industry.

In a collaborative process, we worked with Thomson Reuters to develop concepts and a interaction design workflows that would improve the user experience by maximizing efficiency and accuracy in a fast-paced investment-banking environment.


TR Interaction Workflow Sketches

TR Interaction Workflow Sketch

To ensure consistency across all web and mobile products, we developed specific user-experience guidelines for developers, designers and product managers.

As part of the ongoing design process, we created user experience design (UXD) training modules for the internal Thomson Reuters UX and development teams. We engaged with the team in New York to present our the design process and conduct one-on-one training sessions to help orient the teams on best practices and ways to build a better internal design process using user experience design methodologies.

Working closely with Thomson Reuters’ design and experience teams, we helped to implement new user experience guidelines via our training sessions.

Our research validated some assumptions and disproved others when it came to reviewing the existing investment banking products. Through our informed design process, we were able to build relevant Design Evidence™ and provide valuable information for future development of the Thomson Reuters investment banking products.